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A black and white portrait of fine art photographic artist Sandy Mclea



Mclea specialises in hand-assembled exhibition artworks, 3D photomontages constructed out of a single photograph as well as breathtaking landscape and pinhole photography. He has gained international popularity as his unique style is well appreciated... 



Painted Street | Hand Assembled Photomontage

Edition (20) | 160cm wide artwork R16900 | Complete with frame R 18900

A black and white panoramic photo-art print of a windmill standing next to a road in the Karoo, photographed by Sandy Mclea
Panoramic Photomontage Collection | Ed30
A black and white framed photo-montage of boats in Kalk Bay harbour in a modern interior, the photograph was taken by Sandy Mclea.

 Obscura on Eden | Ed10

A print of a tidal pool in a white picture frame hanging on a wall in a modern bedroom, this pinhole picture was photographed by Sandy Mclea.

Captured Street | Open Ed

Four colourful framed pop art prints of street signs by Sandy Mclea, hanging in a modern interior.
Urban & Rural Facadé | 3D Photomontage | Ed7

74 x 57cm 1 to 4 R 19000 - 5 & 6 R 24000 - 7 POA

105 x 57cm 1 to 4 Framed R 24000 - 5 & 6 Framed R 27000 - 7 POA

*Prices are to be used as a guide only and may differ depending on the number of prints still available in the edition