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Nelson Mandela, an inspirational leader, world icon for peace, the father of democracy to many, and former president of South Africa has been immortalized in this collection as a tribute by photographic artists Martin and Samantha Osner. These portraits have skillfully created by combining photography with mixed media art techniques using salt crystal overlays, multilayers, and photomontages.  As a tribute to a world leader, these fabulous artworks are printed on the highest quality fine art photographic paper in honour of a man who may never be forgotten.

Salt of the Earth

By Martin Osner | 60x63cm R 8900 | 90x93cm R 18900 | 110x114cm R32000

A creative black and white portrait of Nelson Mandela made from salt by Fine Art Photographer Martin Osner

Inspired by the work of Vik Muniz (1996 "Sugar Children"), this portrait was created by Martin Osner, by overlaying salt crystals onto a charcoal image transfer. The thickness of the coarse sea salt has been altered by the artist to bring out shadow and highlight depth in the portrait. Two paragraphs of Mandela's famous speech which he gave at the Rivonia trial where he was tried for treason, is inscribed below the print. 

Unique Portrait of Nelson Mandela: Unveiling 'Salt of the Earth' by Martin Osner

Unique Portrait of Nelson Mandela: Unveiling 'Salt of the Earth' by Martin Osner

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Watch this video to gain a better understanding of how and why this portrait of Mandela was created

The Truth of the Human Heart 

By Samantha Lee Osner | 60x63cm R 6900 | 110x114cm R14900

A creative art portrait of Nelson Mandela called "Truth of the human heart" by photographic artist Samantha Lee Osner

An Incredible montage artwork by Samantha Lee Osner, inspired by a Nelson Mandela portrait entitled "Salt of the Earth" by her father and mentor, Martin Osner, the concept behind this print had taken the artist about two years to develop.
Using subtle changes in tone on each of the blocks resembles the diversity and unity of the South African people. A portrait that reminds us of Mandela's vision where all people would be unified as a nation regardless of their skin colour or heritage. Where love, pride, and tolerance would prevail over hatred and segregation. Samantha took her time as she wanted to make sure that this tribute to Madiba would be one of significance.

"I felt like I wanted to create an artwork that represents our South African nation as unified within a rich cultural heritage and diversity. A piece of art that would reflect on Mr Mandela's dream to unify the diverse heritage of a nation that would go on to inspire and enlighten the world about the truth of the human spirit."

Inner Calling

By Martin Osner | 57x80cm R 18900 | 86x120cm R 29900

A creative portrait of Nelson Mandela depicting an abstract impression of his face made up from other faces

An exciting artwork made up two faces of the same person. The profile of the left is calm the one of the right-hand side is seen frustrated. When the faces have been creatively overlapped to reveal an impression of Nelson Mandela's face, this print depicts the emotions of what Mandela would have gone through during his life. One of contentment in his calling to reunite a nation and the other of frustration due to challenges he endured.


Mandela the Boxer 

By Martin Osner | 58 x 84cm R12900

A framed print of nelson mandela displayed on a wall in a modern interior

After all, is said and done, time will be the judge of these peoples success and failures.  When generations move on, are these leaders going to look back with pride on their legacy? Or are their families and friends going to wish their faces were rather ripped off the walls and hidden in shame? A disgraced Faceless Society.
Leaders of society can learn from the life of Nelson Mandela. Posters of him are iconic and reflect the essence of his incredible life. Imagine if all leaders achieved such legacy, the world would be a different place today.

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About the Artists

A black and white portrait of Art Photographers, father and daughter, Martin and Samantha Osner.

Samantha and Martin Osner

We consider photography as a reality driven medium which unlocks doors into the depths of art. We see the camera as an instrument within a broader creative process. In our work, we strive to convey emotion and design rather than illustration. With its power to transform a subject in a split second, light for us is the magical ingredient.

As father and daughter, we are truly blessed to be able to share this creative world together. Our gallery is a sanctuary, a place where we can display our passion on a wall and share our love for art and photography with others. 

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