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Nelson Mandela, an inspirational leader, world icon for peace, the father of democracy to many, and former president of South Africa has been immortalized in this collection as a tribute by photographic artists Martin and Samantha Osner. These portraits have skillfully created by combining photography with mixed media art techniques using salt crystal overlays, multilayers, and photomontages.  As a tribute to a world leader, these fabulous artworks are printed on the highest quality fine art photographic paper in honour of a man who may never be forgotten.

Salt of the Earth

By Martin Osner | 60x63cm R 8900 | 90x93cm R 18900 | 110x114cm R32000

A creative black and white portrait of Nelson Mandela made from salt by Fine Art Photographer Martin Osner

Inspired by the work of Vik Muniz (1996 "Sugar Children"), this portrait was created by Martin Osner, by overlaying salt crystals onto a charcoal image transfer. The thickness of the coarse sea salt has been altered by the artist to bring out shadow and highlight depth in the portrait. Two paragraphs of Mandela's famous speech which he gave at the Rivonia trial where he was tried for treason, is inscribed below the print.