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In a world of digital photography, De Lende still shoots on traditional photographic slide film, which is processed and then scanned, to create unbelievably high-quality photographic prints. A master landscape photographer who understands light and his craft perfectly. With a detailed eye for the quality without compromise and an unprecedented understanding of composition, this portfolio of exhibition quality panoramic prints is a pleasure to behold...



De Lende Collection

Edition (25) | 60-120cm wide panoramic prints individually priced


This incredible limited edition Coffee Table publication is available for purchase. The book accumulates of a decade the artist's panoramic landscape photography throughout Southern Africa and Seychelles. It includes all of the de Lende's most famous pictures and comes complete is an elegant hand-stitched leather holder. It is undoubtedly a collector's piece ... more information >>

Landscape photographer Koos van der Lende taking a photograph of a tree near the waters edge in Moremi national park


An artist with intensely personal engagements with the environment underpins his status as a leading
South African landscape photographer. Born in Pretoria, South Africa (1955), he immigrated to the Netherlands with his Dutch parents in 1971.


After completing his studies at the School of Photography in The Hague, he re-visited the country of his birth in 1977, and the experience prompted him to return on a more permanent basis. In 1983 he immigrated back to South Africa. He spent the next two decades working as a commercial photographer.


In 2002 he decisively abandoned the confines of a studio environment and commercial photography for the outdoors, where he spends most of his year photographing series of limited edition work. Van der Lende's portfolio is a testimony of his formidable artistic talent and an unrelenting dedication to the art of photography. Working from Pretoria, he mostly shoots in a panoramic format using the time-honoured film and darkroom processing techniques.


The wide vistas his camera records are technically complex. Van der Lende spending days, sometimes even weeks, researching the ambience of each potential composition. Typically, his pictures blend natural and artificial lighting sources, with minimal intervention afterwards during the printing and reproduction of his spectacular prints. 

In 2016 he completed a wonder large coffee table book called "Moments of Grace" which journalised the last decade of his limited edition panoramic portfolio that he had photographed throughout Southern Africa and Seychelles. The booked eventually saw an exciting chapter of his life drawing to a close as he relocated from Pretoria to a farm in the Namaqualand area of the Northern Cape. This region had always struck a chord with the artist, and now he calls this beautiful area of South Africa home.

This talented photographic artist imbues the picturesque quality of his landscapes with an added layer of spiritual intensity. However, Van der Lende is by no means absolute in enforcing this view by which he lives as a devoted Christian and a loving and caring human being. Modesty is central to both his character and his work, which in itself echoes an awestruck moment of humility and wonder—a God-given and appreciated talent in the world of art

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