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A collaborative collection of aerial perspective and high angle photography. An exciting portfolio that explores compelling compositions created with the use of a high camera angle where, shape, colour, pattern and lines are explored artistically to create breathtaking images...

Aerial Photography used in an Interior

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Aerial photography was entirely unheard of before the early 20th century, and even then it was a mere recording of the fact, to serve testament to what exists but now relegated to military archives. The birth of photography and the birth of flight ironically are not too distant from one another, and these two inventions came together beautifully, as though they were meant. The ability to get up into the sky allowed for photography from an entirely new angle.  Exciting photographs could now be taken directly from above and not just at an acute angle from a higher vantage point like mountains, trees and buildings. This new and exciting view introduced a conceptual change where shape, colour, line, rhythm and pattern could be now be featured, but in a more abstract context. 

Aerial photography using aeroplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and later space travel brought on a whole new viewpoint to humanity. Primarily used for mapping, surveillance and scientific purposes, the appeal of this "unusual" camera angle become recognised and embraced by art photographers throughout the world. Recently when the drone became commercially available to the public, aerial photography exploded even further in popularity!

Regarding colour and contrast, the art of aerial photography is not as simple as it may seem. For a photographer who commonly works with natural light from an eye-level perspective, everything changes by ninety degrees. Where certain angles of light work in traditional landscape photography, they will not be as effective in aerial photography and visa versa. 

In the way abstract painters like Jackson Pollock and Mark Tobey exploited pattern in their work, a "birds-eye view" perspective in photography offers a remarkable resemblance to these great artists. An abstract painting like a Pollock, for example, can be viewed from any angle. In a similar way, aerial photography shot directly from above can also be seen in any direction. 

At times in art photography, especially when photographs are taken from an extremely high perspective, the reality of the impression is only recognisable on close inspection. Is it an abstract painting? Is it a photograph? And then you look closely at the detail and see that it is, in fact, a photograph. This surprise factor is one of the attractions of this type of photo art. 

Nowadays aerial view photography can very easily be incorporated into modern interior design and dècor as wall art. It has become trendy and holds a unique appeal, and even though it usually presents a sophisticated design, it can remain simple within an abstract form of presentation. This view from above is a beautiful and creative art option, well worth exploring.

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