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Wild Life Photographer

Klaus Tiedge (1965 - 2019) is a German-born wildlife photographer who fell in love with Africa with the African bushveld. Over a period of ten years, he photographed an incredible portfolio of stylized wildlife, limited edition art photography prints entitled the "Pride of Africa" as well as an equally impressive collection of, baobab trees and brilliant African tribal portraits...


Pride of Africa

Signed and numbered prints on fine art paper sold with a certificate of authenticity available in the following sizes:

36 x 64cm (Ed50) |  54 x 96cm (Ed20) | 73 x 128cm  |  85 x 149cm (Ed10)  | 108 x 214cm (Ed 6)

Nyeupe Wildlife Print Collection

42cm wide R 1600 | 60cm wide R 2900 | 85cm wide R 4500 | 1200cm wide R 6800