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Portrait of fine artist Andrea Armbrüster


Andrea Armbrüster devotes herself entirely to her work. She sees the medium of photography as a unique art form that can capture light in so many different ways imaginable, creating tension and interest. As a photographer, she explores the surface of a subject which reflects light as a starting point. Still, exploring deeper, she seeks out the contextual, symbolic, aesthetic or even atmospheric elements, which can arouse emotions. A captivating portfolio of exhibition photographic art that embraces social commentary and abstract notions in a painterly form of expression...



Social Documentary / Abstract



For Andrea, fundamental the technical operation of a camera is only the result of the inner desire to design. Against this background, Andrea Armbrüster reveals an intense interest in her environment. The artist gets to the bottom of things by penetrating to complete abstraction where one can only guess what the object might have been initially.


It does not matter what is finally revealed through the artwork; what is more important to the artist is the "how". Because the "how" ultimately determines the "what" in her creative world; a process of transformation that must take place. Sometimes it is a fleeting interplay of vibrating light and shadow; in other times it is colour that completely dissolves the subject that drives the fascination. In addition to abstract, she deliberately integrates people into her composition, which in turn unfold their characteristics which releases narrative elements.


Ultimately, Andrea Armbrüster's way of seeing and photographing encapsulates the urge for freedom where the comparison with painting is apparent. Although painterly factors influence her style, the artist manages to preserve the photographic appeal within the image. She does not want to pretend to be a painter, but rather to do what is so crucial in photography through vision and technique.

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