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Black and white photographs have a certain timeless, melancholy and nostalgic feel them. They cut to chase and deliver an uncomplicated visual experience. Usually, as a subject choice, people and architecture are the most popular choices but don't ignore black and white landscape, wildlife and still-life, which can be equally as appealing... 

B&W Photography used in an Interior


THE POWER OF BLACK AND WHITE (Article by Martin Osner)

When choosing artwork for your home or office, black and white could be the perfect alternative to consider. So, what is it that makes black and white so unique? And perhaps more importantly, do monotone art prints work with modern interiors? 

To answer the second part of the question first! Black and white prints in a modern home or office, create an interestingly beautiful contrast between old and new. Just one word of caution before you venture in; you have to be very careful when mixing colour with black and white artwork in the same room as this could quite easily create a busy and distracting display. Finding the right balance is as much about interior design and furniture choice of the room as it is about the selected artworks. There are many examples where an eclectic mix of old and new furnishing juxtaposed with classic black and white art photography have come together to create a stunning impression!

So let’s briefly look at why black and white is considered a unique medium in today's world of colour. Well firstly, because they lack colour. Black and white prints are more straightforward, and simplification is the art of pure genius. 

Black and white art also projects an individual timeless, melancholic and nostalgic feel. They cut to the chase and deliver an uncomplicated visual experience. Usually, as a subject choice people and architecture remain the most popular choices with black and white photo art, but don't ignore landscape, wildlife and still-life which can be equally as appealing. 

Still today, the prints of master photographers like Ansel Adams, Cartier Bresson, David Bailey, Karsh and Irving Penn to mention but a few are proving to be very popular, not only as wall art but as collectable pieces. 

Black and white fine art prints deliver emotion in bucket loads, and their aesthetic value should not be taken for granted. They tend to create an immediate stirring connection that demands a viewer stop and pay attention. Furthermore, black and white photographs seem to have the ability to transcend reality while remaining quiet and understated. 

Don't ever disparage the power of black and white and again, if unsure, make use of our interior mock-up service. Send us a picture of your wall, and we will show you options and give you ideas to help make the perfect selection.

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