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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

A beautiful impressionistic art print by Martin Osner

Creation No.1 | Martin Osner

An outpouring of emotion, absolute excitement, gratefulness combined with an eminence sense of relief on the day "Creation" was unveiled. I know this statement does not make sense, and even more so if taken out of context...let me explain.

Early in September last year, Samantha and I decided to have a final exhibition to close off 2019 at our private gallery in Hout Bay, which we scheduled for the last week of November. The show we called "Unveiling" (Click here to download the exhibition brochure), and it was themed around both new and long term projects that we were both currently working on. We felt that three months was enough time to shoot the recent work we required.

A few weeks later, we took a walk through the gallery and pinned-up postcard prints on the walls where we envisaged the completed photos would hang. As we found with previous exhibitions, this procedure allows us to pre visualize the showcase. For both us, even with a few months yet to go, there was a lot of open walls requiring new work.

Sam got started quickly; she managed to get some beautiful autumn impressions in the Overberg, a trip that yielded up zero success for me.

An abstract impression of an autumn tree

Autumn Impression | Samantha Osner

Together, we then visited the Hemel en Aarde valley, day after day, the light, unfortunately, remained poor for photography. Lots of opportunities, but nothing attained. I remember saying to her that sometimes it can all come together so quickly, and other times it can prove to be so challenging, especially now with a deadline looming.

The next month, Sam returned from another trip that she had completed on her own with some incredible minimalistic impressions (entitled Serenity). Slowly her spots on the wall were filling up, while I felt like I was marking time. Work, pressure, and all that day to day stuff was getting in the way as my creativity remained locked away deep in mind.